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phone big debut.รง >>> good morning, everyone. thank you so much for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> and i'm marla tellez. we begin with a major bust in the south bay, involving drugs, stolen cars and guns. federal state and local law enforcement teamed together to arrest more than 100 people from al wra media, santa claire, santa cruz. the latest from gilroy. >> reporter: this is a big deal. more than 100 arrests all across the bay area and all of those arrested are being brought here to the gilroy police department. now, police right now are being tight lipped about their raid. we do know they've made nor than 100 arrests. it involves guns, drugs, stolen cars and other finds. s.w.a.t. teams from numerous police departments carried out the predawn sting. many of those were in neighborhoods with children and they shook up some of the witnesses. >> pretty scary that all these little kids, mothers walking with their babies around here. >> reporter: some s.w.a.t. team members tell me they didn't find out until last night that they would be involved in this drag net. this is such a big deal th
>>> a big announcement from the president today about the war in iraq, when the majority of u.s. troops will be leaving and how many will stay behind. >>> officers in one bay area city move in on occupy protesters while another city orders demonstrators to clear out. >>> then what lengths a suspected car thief went to in the east bay to get away from police. >>> good morning. thanks for being with us at 11:00. i'm marla tellez. jon kelley is off today. we begin in oakland, where the city has ordered protesters to clear one of two occupy camps, but the order did not come with a date or a time. and protesters say they aren't leaving anyway. nbc bay area's christie smith is live, near the camp, outside city hall. christie, any idea if or when police may be moving in? >> well, you know, i can tell you that it hasn't happened so far, but i have seen protesters walking around, some of them with this note to vacate in their hand, reading it. the list of problems that the city has with this tent city up in front of franco gallo plaza. the problems are clearly outlined and so is the -- t
in oakland that learned they'll be closing at the end of the school year. the district is telling us there may be more closures to come. i'll have that story coming up. >>> the east bay braces for another round of aftershocks after an early morning jolt rattles the bay area landmark. the news at 11:00 starts now. redell. fur. >> good morning and thanks for being with us. i'm ma latte easiest. >> i'm jon kelley. the question is, was this a big-time win for occupy protests in san francisco and a loss for mayor ed lee or was it merely a training exercise? >> san francisco police suit up in riot gear and get foo formation but tn they go home quietly. >> this morning protesters still camping out at justin herman plaza where bob redell has been all morning. he joins us with a look what happened overnight. bob, what is going on right now? >> john and marla, we spoking with police a short while ago and they tell us there never was any plans overnight to shutdown occupy sf's campsite here at justin herman plaza, a site they have occupied the past two weeks. those 200 police officers we took p
. good morning, everybody. thanks for being with us. i'm mara tellez. >> i'm jon kelley. this morning, moammar gadhafi, one of the longest serving dictators in the world is now dead, killed in his hometown after months in hiding. >> the news confirmed by libya's prime minister is changing the landscape of the country and impacting politics throughout the world. we are waiting for a special report any minute from the nation's capital, but first, nbc bay area's steve handles it man is live in washington, d.c. this morning with the latest on the capture and death of gadhafi. >> marla, and jon. good day to you. here in washington, any moment now, president obama will come out into the rose garden at the white house, no doubt to not only confirm that the u.s. government now officially is saying that moammar gadhafi is dead, but to comment on it because in the view of many worldwide, the dictator is gone because of what barack obama did, and there's satisfaction here in washington today because a limited u.s. role, a limited u.s. military role seems to have come to a satisfactory conclusion
very much for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> and i'm marla tellez. we begin with a takeover in san francisco. dozens of homeless people have moved into several empty buildings and they say they're not leaving. their message? they want more housing for the homeless. nbc bay area's traci grant has more. >> reporter: nearly 20 years, in last night of world homeless day, they took over a number of buildings here in the city. now, i want you to take a look at charlie's hotel, right behind me. the group says there are at least a dozen people squatting inside the empty hotel, to bring attention to the fact that people are living on the street while many buildings are unoccupied across the city. now, activists took over charlie's hotel last night as well as a couple of other buildings nearby, including the cathedral hotel. organizers say they have been accompanied this time by members of occupy sf, who have been living in an encampment if front of the federal reserve building downtown for the last week. homes not jail says its purpose is to increase awareness of the fact that there are mor
, everybody. thanks for being with us at 11:00. i'm marla tellez. >> good morning. i'm jon kelley. it was quite the scene out at oakland this morning. tear gas, riot gear and cuffs. oakland police, under the cover of darkness, descended upon protesters. protester, pounding on drum, setting off firecrackers and holding firm as police swarm, dismantling camp and cuffing 75 of those who decided to stay put. >>> frank ogala plaza was raided, giving people a chance to leave before they moved in. christie smith joins us from there. >> reporter: oakland police still have the entire plaza blocked off here while they go through all the things that were left behind after this raid. i tell you, this was hundreds of police officers from everywhere. they surrounded the protesters. they were shoulder to shoulder. protesters don't like how it went down. interim police chief says he's pleased. at 4:30, okay laakland police r up in riot gear. first, there were warnings, then they moved in to break up the tent city at frank ogala plaza, known as occupy oakland. >> they pushed people here and this w
. >>> plus the u.s. military shows how serious it is in the prosecution of three marines, accused of hazing a south bay man. >>> and a person in a wheelchair run down on the streets of san francisco. the news at 11:00 am starts right now. >>> good morning and thanks for being with us at 11. i'm marla tellez. >>> and i'm jon kelley. a major milestone this morning for the bay tiec s oonas sectio eastern span bridge deck is being lowered into place. eventually, it will connect the bay bridge with yerba buena and treasure island. >> christie smith is live with a look at the progress. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. happy friday. we have an incredible view as this final piece, the 28th piece, is lowered into place as we speak. this is a thousand-ton piece of steel. what it means is that the self-anchored suspension span is no longer in bees out here. it's one continuous road. still needs concrete and earthquake ties at the joints. a lot of other work. really, this is, as you said, a major milestone. stronger in a quake after a section of the old bridge went down in the loma prieta quake i
loren will tell us if the fly is going to go away and if the clouds mean rain. the 11:00 news starts now. >>> very good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >>> and i'm marla tellez. apple unveil aid new iphone this morning and an update to the operating system that now operate with his apple's icloud. good morning, monty. >> good morning. the statement about 10:00, spent the last hour talking about software updates, ipads, itunes and got around to making the big announcement everyone has been waiting for, about the new iphone. scott budman is inside this event and is texting me. it has a faster processor and improved graphics. we're hoping to get more details on this iphone. there's been a lot of anticipation about today's announcement. people started lining up for this invitation-only event at the apple campus this morning. interest from media all across the globe. today's event is not only about the new iphone but also tim cook at the helm since steve jobs resigned in august. when steve jobs was in charge, this one is more low key and intimate happening at apple
. >>> clear skies over san jose. the 11:00 news starts right now. >>> good morning. thanks for being with us at 11:00. >> good morning. i'm jon kelley. >>> very scary scene right here. bullets flying at a birthday party, injuring people, including a little 9-year-old girl. christie smith is live in pittsburg. we hear you actually talked to the people who live at the home. we're curious. what do they have to say? >> reporter: the man who lives at this home was stunned this morning. he says he was throwing a birthday party for his 3-year-old daughter, had been going on for hours. it was attended by family and friends when all of a sudden two men walked up and opened fire. most of the bullets whipped right through the garage door, four people hit, including his 9-year-old niece. he says he was out front, too. >> i pushed my mom to the ground and i go inside. say go back, everybody! go back to the home. >> reporter: hector says he has no idea why someone would want to shoot at him. he says he just moved into the home three months ago. he says his niece was okay. she was hit in the arm. his 17-ye
shooting. >> good morning, everyone. thank you very much for join in us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. gunshots erupted around 7:30 this morning in the same place where a manhunt has been under way since early yesterday morning. deputies shot and killed 47-year-old shareef allman, the man accused of killing three people at a cement plant where he worked. this morning's shooting happened at laurenway notice sunnyvale off of homestead road, not far from the hp campus where authorities say he tried to carjack a woman yesterday after the plant shooting. nbc bay area's marla tellez has been following the developments all morning long and joins us live from the scene. >> laura, good morning. investigation is still going strong out here at lorne way and peacock. as you mentioned, the closest main intersection is wolfe and homestead in the sunnyvale cupertino area. a look at the heart of the investigation, you can see the blue awning set up where investigators have been focusing their attention where the shooting happened about 7:30 this morning. the people who live in this are
tell us? >> reporter: it happened in that off-white colored home behind me just after 7:00 this morning. investigators are still trying to determine the relationship of those involved. when police arrived, they found an elderly asian man with stab wounds, then an elderly asian woman with life-threatening stab wounds. when they tried to help, another man came at him with two knives over his head. they fired at him with a bean bag sort of gun. that didn't work. one officer shot him. police still don't know the relationship between the victims and the suspect. >> it's not clear as to what the motive is in this particular attack, but what we do know is that they're not strangers to one another. they do know one another. the investigation will determine what the motive was or the relationship actually was. >> reporter: it was not random? >> no, it was not a random act. it is a tragedy, though. >> reporter: there was another woman hiding upstairs when police arrived. she was not injured. in all, four total people were involved. they have not identified those involved. internal affairs is here
at the scene of the crash. that is where nbc bay area's bob redell joins us live. we're hearing there's still some concern about the roadway and whether or not it's safe for drivers to use at this point. >> reporter: it appears like it is going to be safe. good morning to you, jon and marla. we spoke with caltrans and chp. they opened the one and two left-most lanes of southbound 101, they will reopen in the next 15 minutes. here is what the holdup has been. during this accident, the vehicles knocked out a huge chunk of this sideway. they put a temporary side rail in here. they're finishing that up as we speak. when it did hit it knocked a bunch of debris on street below. that's 16th street. 16th street is blocked between vermont and san bruno. they just finished up that repair, doing a little cleanup around here. the number one and two lanes from the 80 transition to 101 southbound will be opening within the next 15 minutes. if you whip around here, though, there's still the issue of this guardrail. this is right by the u.p.s. building on southbound 101 by the three and four lanes. i don't k
with us at 11:00. i'm marla tellez. >> and i'm jon kelley. they are back. occupy protesters this week are thinking big. >> planning to occupy everything from the port of oakland to the shopping districts. right now, the camping grounds are set up yet again at frank ogawa plaza in oakland, despite a police raid last week. >> nbc bay area's christie smith is live in oakland right now. christie, you say the camp site, at this point, looks as big as it ever has, right? >> reporter: you know, jon, it's almost like they never left. the tents are back where they were, but it's much -- the area around frank ogawa plaza is relaxed this halloween day, with people in costumes, doing yoga and pitching more tents. >> it's a little bigger, even, i would say, and better setup. given a second go at it, it's even better. >> reporter: this is the view from city hall. protesters say the city did return some medical supplies that were taken during the raid last week. the police presence is little. >> giving people a lot more power than they thought, that something magical is happening. >> reporter: the f
us. i'm jon kelley. >> and i'm marla tellez another shooting. san jose police opened fire on an armed suspect this morning, the fourth officer-involved shooting for san jose police in the past month. and the mystery at this hour, what police found after the shooting. a 150-foot trail of blood. the shooting happened in the 2700 block of hillsdale avenue near narvaez near the capital expressway. live on the scene. police are piecing this together. >> reporter: this scene seems to be wrapping up just a bit, taking down the crime scene tape and picking up the cones. why was this man wondering around, armed with a pistol and making neighbors feel afraid enough to call 911? as you mentioned, people in this neighborhood heard gunshots about 5:30 this morning and called police to ask them to check out why that was happening in the area. officers did and they found nothing out of the ordinary. that was at 5:30. at 6:05 a veteran officer saw a man walking with a pistol. when the officer approached the man the suspect did not drop that weapon. instead, he did something that made the officer fear
a right to a peaceful assembly. bob redell spent the morning with demonstrators. he joins us now from san francisco. what's the latest? >> reporter: good morning, jon. some of the occupy sf protesters do plan to march down to city hall within the next couple of hours to speak at the weekly board of supervisors meeting, to try to resolve the stealemate about whether or not they can stay here. an hour ago there was an encounter with police, very peaceful, which was in sharp contrast to what happened sunday night. we believe it's the first time both sides have spoken with each other over the past 24 hours. he stopped by to remind the protesters that the lines of communication are open. one protesters tried to argue, and he was shot down by another protester, who was trying to keep the conversation civil. the protesters do plan to bring up what happened here the other night when they do have a chance to address the board of supervisors during the public comment section of this afternoon. they believe that police used excessive force when they tried to shut down their camp, which officers say
conference with the naacp. this will be taking place in san jose. the head of that organization tells us he's concerned there was no mental health care available at lehigh to help allman deal with his, quote, demons. there are new details about what happened wednesday at the cement plant. there are report that is allman jammed the door shut before shooting colleagues so they couldn't escape, after shooting nine employees, killing three, he taunted them on walkie talkies, saying that he would return to finish them off. he did allude capture for 22 hours. yesterday morning, deputies shot and killed him in a sunnyvale neighborhood. friends report that he was a spiritual person but at the same time he did g kee a gun in the cut-out pages of a bible. jon, marla? >> thank you so much for the report. we'll continue to gather details on this about what happened at the cement plant and shooting of allman. be sure to stay with nbc bay area and for continuing coverage. >>> fremont police are looking for a man they say is armed and dangerous and responsible for a string of robberies. a w
. >>> good morning, everybody. thanks for being with us at 11:00. i'm marla tellez. >> more tear gas, handcuffs and protesters on the run as demonstrators go toe to toe, literally, with police. >> police close in for the second time this week. streets, under siege as protesters run for cover. this morning, the smoke has cleared and frank ogalla plaza in oakland. people behind the movement are not giving up, and neither are the police. christie smith is following this story for us. she joins us in oakland with the latest. >> reporter: it's fairly calm out here right now in downtown oakland, barely any sign of the clash between police and protesters where police end ed p lobing tear gas into the crowd. frank ogawa plaza still closed off this morning. police are still here, but barely. a lot of folks out here are wondering, what's next? the loudest noise at frank ogawa plaza were power washers, cle cleaning off where police shot tear gas into the crowd last night. one man was arrested in an early morning tent city raid tuesday on the occupy oakland encampment with nearly 100 others. he
>>> today, dozens of us are here, blockading wells fargo, because enough is enough. >> right now at 11:00, police move in on es mg rareafdo o detrs d ssedts down fis >>goin ee. nk v mfoin oll a a ez isniro pesis paf oc eme on dnsio ns ncua. inn nc, es tatellrgcoat heuars mom stt. rl b fow elnteralrn ng hens u nhes 'r lthb epr: i odnio la oninprsth kelretrs wefa'spo heuars cfo o ner whe mpo ec ohebainir ds icd of e entrances so employees could get to work. now two main entrances are now blocked. police are tolerating this so far. there are about 200 to 300 protesters. the san francisco movement the other so-called 99% crowd who say they're fed up with foreclosures, unemployment and corporate greed, and bailouts. they say it's now wells fargo's turn to be foreclosed on. in other words we're barricading your headquarters. that lasted about 30 minutes and n fpmo in bk tesoc tsi te. lee ate ud o mhabe ec hecre >> ntosh me dmoin un's . himas acl o wang alwe rg chanodnvd trg t y anheho thagoild he mymiotket. s tan untahahe g t ay > hats rg >>or aymy thes? oa
for being with us at 11:00. i'm marla tellez. >> i'm jon kelley. oakland emergency crews looking to past to avoid disaster in the future, october marking the 20th anniversary of the oakland hills firestorm. today firefighters staging a re-enactment of the fire fight. nbc bay area's christie smith like in oakland hills with a look what's happening out there. good morning. >> good morning to you, jon. this fire station wasn't even here back in 1991. but then of course, the firestorm tore through here. all of these homes burned to the ground and neighbors rebuilt and they said that they wanted their own fire station up here. they got fire station number 7. 20 years later, the oakland fire department is out here this morning talking about what has changed. back in 1991, not even all firefighters had their own gear to fight wildland fires. they had to share. residents now have an assessment district, power lines are below ground. communication between agencies is improved. and those wood shake roofs are a thing of the past. and the drum beat of defensible space around properties has paid off.
, shooting eight people. two were killed. santa clara county deputies tell us he was a disgruntled employee by colleagues say he is a 16-year veteran and by all accounts he is well liked and happy. they tell me yesterday he was out of character, visibly upset. we are also learning that he is a father of two. he has a daughter and son. authorities say he is armed with a rifle and handgun and is considered extremely dangerous. >> very quick -- according to witnesses over at the quarry, the incident lasted no more than two minutes. enough time for him to go, shoot, take off from the area and possibly get to the second location on homestead where we have reports of another shooting there. >> reporter: police have recovered allman's vehicle and it is believed now he is on foot, fleeing from police. potentially in sunnyvale, where he ended up shooting a woman later this morning. that's where, lawyeura, you'll k up the story from there. >> we are. and all the employees are gone, marla? >> reporter: they are. we're told there's a quarry, cement plant and rock plant and the folks in the quarry where
. >>> good morning and thanks for being with us at 11:00. i'm marla tellez. jon kelley is off today. this morning, the occupy protesters are on the move in san francisco. the group, which has called the justin herman plaza home for the last few weeks is planning to march down, opposing corporate greed. christie smith, we understand some religious leaders are also joining this cause today. >> reporter: we've seen at least maybe four dozen of them. they just left from where we are, justin herman plaza, as you said, heading down market street. now, what they're telling us is that they've come together for causes before, but this is the first time that this interfaith group has come together to support an offshoot of the occupy wall street movement where protesters are camped out, as you said, at justin herman plaza. hard to tell exactly how many demonstrators are staying here for occupy sf. it's easily over 100 of them. the religious leaders are carrying a golden calf with them. they say as a sign of corporate wealth and greed. they say they're going to perform rituals. they are going
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